Marloth Maritime has now the capability to do 360-degree photos and create virtual tours if required.

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360° Degree Photos & virtual tours

What is a 360-degree photo?

360° photography is the art of shooting a location from many angles, creating a full spherical view. Therefore a 360° image is a spherical panorama image that can be viewed by moving around within the picture. See the example on the right.

The purpose of 360° photography is to give the viewer a “behind the scenes” experience as if they were present in the very centre of the action.


We are using the technic in connection with inspections. Our clients have been delighted with this viewing technic and the virtual tour because they have much deeper documentation on hand.​

We usually create a virtual tour where we integrate the 360° pictures taken into one file.
Below you can see two demos, of virtual tours.

The advantage is:


  • Great overview

  • Virtual tours can be modelled and be used for familiarisation purposes

  • Visual assistance to superintendents

  • Better documentation in connection with purchase inspections

  • And many more advantages

This demo is done in connection with a mobilisation of a jack up vessel for a cable repair job

The virtual tour can easily be converted into virtual reality and be used in a VR headset


This demo shows the starboard side main engine arrangement on a Offshore supply vessel