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Drones Aerial and ROV


The ROV is very suitable for different types of inspections. We have a 4K live feed to the surface, which can be viewed locally or broadcast live to the customer if desired.

With the accessories, we can carry out many tasks ranging from water sampling to thickness measurement or recovering items from the seabed.

Using an ROV for Hull inspection is fast, safe, and provides a good base for your hull maintenance.

The use of an ROV provides many benefits, such as:


  • Quick deployment - setting up the ROV is easy and fast.

  • Safe operation - in case of operation in confined spaces or close to the quay site, we eliminate the risk for a diver.

  • Verification of underwater repair work - verify as 3rd party vendor repair work carried out underwater.

  • Pre-inspection - In case of problems with the underwater hull, the ROV is an excellent tool for making a pre-inspection, which can ensure the best foundation when determine the next step.

  • Quick assessment in case of damages - in case of major damage, it is safer to deploy an ROV to make an overview and ensure the safety of the divers.

  • Pre-dry dock planning - surveyed the hull to determine the state of the antifouling and anticorrosive system before the dry dock.

  • Access small or confined spaces - Due to the size of the ROV, it can be deployed in confined spaces such as ballast tanks, large pipes, tanks farms etc.

  • Cost-effective - less manpower is required, and the investment is less compared to a diver operation.


We at Marloth Maritime have decided to include ROV in our equipment portfolio

Drones Aerial and ROV


The ROV we have is an observation-grade drone. The ROV is equipped with a camera of 4K quality and lights up to 6000 lumens.

The Drone can operate in all directions and lock on a specific item for further investigation.

The deployment of the ROV is rapid and operational within 15 minutes.

Additional features such as a robotic arm, gripper, extra camera and lighting can be mounted as necessary.

ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) are submersible, highly manoeuvrable robotic systems used to inspect waterways and explore ship hulls and ocean depths. An ROV is a safe underwater vehicle widely used by many organizations.

The ROVs have become very advanced and can, in many ways, be used as the first tool to identify problems underwater or assess the condition of the antifouling or marine groove on propellers.

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