We at Marloth Maritime have decided to include ROV in our equipment portfolio

Ultrasonic leak detection

The water-tight integrity of a ships cargo holds and other water-tight arrangements is vital
for vessels´ survival.
Therefore, ensuring that the water tightness of hatch covers, hatches, RO-RO ramps and
water-tight doors is essential.
Furthermore, keeping cargo hold dry, delivering cargoes without contamination, and avoiding
insurance claims is essential.
Therefore, testing of closing appliances is important. Marloth Maritime has set up a system
in which we test all closing appliances (cargo hatches, water-tight doors, typical water-tight
hatches, RO-RO ramps, cable penetrations etc.
We are using an Ultrasonic leak detection
system from Coltraco.
The system is ABS and RINA approved and
accepted by P&I clubs.
The advantage of using Ultrasonic leak
detection Vs other methods, i.e., hose test:
 The method is Non-destructive and can
localize the problems very precisely.
 High accuracy
 Cost-effective
 Quick result and assessment is ready on the spot
 It can be used when a vessel is loaded
 It can be used in sub-zero conditions
 Little involvement from the crew

The advantage is:


  • Great overview

  • Virtual tours can be modelled and be used for familiarisation purposes

  • Visual assistance to superintendents

  • Better documentation in connection with purchase inspections

  • And many more advantages

This demo is done in connection with a mobilisation of a jack up vessel for a cable repair job

The virtual tour can easily be converted into virtual reality and be used in a VR headset


This demo shows the starboard side main engine arrangement on a Offshore supply vessel

Ultrasonic leak detection