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We now do energy assessment audits and measurements to document new investments in energy savings



Project Management is part of our DNA in Marloth Maritime.

Therefore, project management is the tool we use to ensure our services are delivered on time and in full, to the agreed scope and following the budget.

Project management includes work collaboration and task management.

One of the keys to success for the project owner and the stakeholders is that the communication flow is excellent and well-prepared plan before the project is started.


Mobilisation/upgrade of cadeler's wind turbine vessel Wind Orca


Carried out on-site project management for the mobilisation for the next deployment and upgrade of the main crane. The project also included the installation of one new 25 t crane and a 45-meter long gangway.


November 2021 to March 2022

Wind Orca.png
Mobilisation for cable operation

Mobilisation for subsea cable repair of a windmill vessel


The equipment was mobilised and fitted on the aft deck, of the vessel.

The mobilisation included all equipment for the intended subsea cable repair.

The mobilisation was carried out in the winter of 2021 and under strick COVID 19 procedures.

MR chemical tanker Drydocking


2nd special survey and partly recoating of bottom areas of of the cargo tanks. The docking was carried out in China in January 2020.

Full blasting of the hull was also part of the docking.

Furthermore, the installation of ballast water treatment system was also completed.



We have completed a feasibility study for a Danish shipowner, where we investigated and made an ROI for the installation of a reverse osmosis Freshwater generator on two of their ships. 

The decision was to go ahead; therefore, we have also completed full documentation, drawings, and specifications for the forthcoming yard stay. 

October 2023

Inspection of a windmill vessel

Inspected the vessel on behalf of the client, which needed a ship for a special project.

November 2020.

Hull starboard 1.png
  • Inspection of vessels

  • Docking of vessels

  • Insurance services, P&I and H&M

  • Project management of ballast water, scrubbers or other projects

  • Energy optimization

  • New buildings

  • Conversions

  • Damage surveys

  • Technical consulting/services within the marine engineering field.

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